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Need a refrigerated trailer in your fleet to keep all your products cold? Then check out our inventory of refrigerated trailers for sale at SDG Trailers. Built to last with the best insulation and transportation capabilities, you won’t want to miss out on these top-of-the-line trailers for sale!

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What to Know About Refrigerated Trailers

While the refrigerated or “reefer” trailer business has not actually been around for very long, it’s extremely important. Delicate and perishable freight such as fresh produce and medical supplies will spoil long before they reach their destination if they aren’t kept at sufficiently cold temperatures, and this is exactly what refrigerated trailers are designed to do. Here’s what to know about refrigerated trailers if you’re interested in buying one.

History of Cooler Trailers

The first refrigerated trailers were developed during the 1920s and they were initially used to sell ice cream. However, these trailers were limited by the quality of roads at the time, so they were not able to travel really long distances until the Federal Highway Act instituted in 1956, which developed and improved upon national highway systems, creating a network of viable roads for trucks to tow trailers on.

How Refrigerated Trailers Work

Refrigerated trailers are very heavy-duty, weighing over 2000 pounds, thanks to their large refrigeration units. These units are cooled using liquid carbon dioxide and a diesel generator. The units are comprised of a compressor, a condenser, and an evaporator. 

The condenser pulls in the gas refrigerant and liquefies it to pull heat out of the trailer. The condenser cools the liquid down even more via a heat-exchange system of tubes that’s connected to the trailer’s exterior. The evaporator releases the cooled liquid using a metering valve that operates at a set temperature.

Most refrigerated trailers are painted white to reflect light, and they are lined with thermoplastics to hold in their cold air. Insulation is a crucial component to prevent the interior of the trailer from heating up, no matter the temperature outside.

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