Tips for Planning Your Food Truck Wedding


Planning a wedding can be a fun and exciting time, especially if you plan on incorporating food trucks into the mix. If you’re going for a more casual and urban feel, having local food trucks at your venue to cater your big day can be a painless and easy way to go. Before you walk down the aisle, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind when planning your food truck wedding.

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dreamstime_16000441Food Truck Wedding Catering Is Outside Catering

As you may already know, most wedding venues will not allow you to bring in outside catering companies for an event. At the least, they will require you to choose a catering company off of their list of preferred vendors. Even though a food truck won’t be using the venue’s kitchen or preparation facilities, if they are not on the approved list, you likely won’t be able to bring them in for your big day. Things can get even more complicated when it comes to alcohol, as most venues will require that all alcohol be provided by them. Before you choose the perfect venue to say “I do,” make sure they allow outside catering so you can hire a handful of food trucks for your wedding day.

Food Trucks and City Property

Depending on the city that you plan to have your wedding in, food trucks may not be allowed to park on city property. Many locally owned venues and parks will tell you flat out that they do not allow food trucks to park on their property, and this can include the parking lot and streets that are adjacent. If you plan on hosting your wedding at a private venue, you’ll want to make sure that the venue allows food trucks to park on their street.

Food Truck Parking

While some food trucks may be small and compact, others can be much larger in size, especially when their side doors and windows are open. Most food trucks have the turning radius of a yacht, and they can have a difficult time climbing hills or rough terrain. If you plan on having food trucks at your wedding, make sure they have a place to actually park near your venue.

Food Truck Menu Options

If you’re worried that guests will have to wait in line for a long time, consider limiting your food truck menu options. If you have a local food truck in mind that you’d like to hire, give them a call to discuss possible custom menu ideas. This will limit the amount of prep work the staff has to do, and will allow them to make several items ahead of time in preparation for the crowd. When people only have four or five options to choose from, instead of fifteen, they’ll order more quickly.

dreamstime_xxl_43960763Another thing to keep in mind are helpings. Most of your wedding guests will want to get seconds from the food truck, and this is something you should discuss with the food truck owner before your big day. Most food trucks will estimate the cost of their services based on how many heads they have to feed, just like a catering company would. They’ll often factor in the overhead cost of operating their truck, so it’s always a good idea to estimate a higher number of guests than what you plan on having.

If you plan on having more than one food truck at the event, make sure each truck can feed about 75 percent of the guests, rather than splitting the food production 50/50. For example, if you have two food trucks hired for catering, ask them to prepare one and a half times what they plan on serving. This will help cover any guests going back for seconds.

As you can see, there are several things to remember as you plan for your food truck wedding. Whether you hire one food truck or a dozen, this is a great way to bypass a traditional catering company for something more urban and diverse.