How To Start A Mobile Food Business, Part Two

In part one of this series, we discussed a few important things to consider before starting your own food truck business. In part two, we’ll discuss food truck licenses and permits, as well as popular locations to park your food truck.

Food Truck Licenses & Permits

Once you have decided what food to sell from your concession trailer, it’s important to get your licensing in order before hitting the streets. There will likely be a number of stringent health codes and sanitary regulations to abide by before you can start selling food. To find out more about these licenses, contact your local department of health.

The Location Of Your Food Truck

Once your licenses and permits are in order, you’re now ready to hit the streets with your food truck! The location you choose to park your truck in will play a major factor in your success and depend on a few key factors:

  • What areas are you allowed to park by law?
  • Where can you find customers in those areas who would like your food?
  • What are the prime hours you plan to stay at each location?
  • Who are the main competitors in the area?

As more and more food trucks come out of the woodwork, it can become increasingly difficult to find prime food truck locations in big cities like New York and Los Angeles. Some places to consider parking your concession truck include:

yellow food truck for saleOffice Parks

If there are commercial office buildings in your town, find out if food trucks are allowed to park in their parking lot during lunch hours. If you’re lucky enough to discover an office park without much competition, inquire with the renting or leasing company about staking a claim or getting a permit so you can park there regularly.

Shopping Districts & Malls

If you know your local ordinances, you may be able to park in mall or shopping parking lots. Most malls will require you to have a permit to park on their property, and this is always something you should ask about first before selling your food.

Conferences & Conventions

Conferences and conventions provide a great built-in audience for food truck entrepreneurs. Since most big events are planned well in advance, get to know the local venues or park areas where conferences are staged. You may be able to lease your space well in advance, or you could scope out a public street to park on that leads to the convention center.

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