Share Your Incredible BBQ With the World


Lots of people like to barbecue in their backyards with their friends and family members, but very few of them have a natural gift for cooking pork, beef, and chicken. Are you one of those rare people who spends as much time daydreaming about a new recipe as everyone else dreams about a new car? Would you rather be perfecting a new rub or BBQ sauce than almost anything else? If you’re one of those people, isn’t it time that you share your BBQ with the rest of the world?

At Southern Dimensions Group, we build the best mobile food trailers in the United States. While other companies will try to sell you on a retrofitted old ice cream truck or a glorified tent, we’re all about building BBQ trailers that are perfect for real cooks. Read the rest of this blog entry to learn a little more about our company and what we make, and then head on over to our online store to find a new food trailer that will let you bring your BBQ bliss to people all around the country!

We Build Trailers Specifically for Cooking

You wouldn’t try to set up your smoker or grill inside of your car, so why would you try to jam the same equipment into a trailer designed for something else? As the popularity of food trucks has grown over the last decade, we have been there to provide serious Q-masters and cooks with mobile food trailers that were designed with them in mind. We build around the essentials instead of compromising on necessary appliances in order to fit them into a trailer.

We are confident that everyone who has bought a trailer from us would say that there is nothing as good as cooking and travelling with a Southern Dimensions Group mobile food trailer. By focusing on what your needs are, we can build trailers that never feel like a makeshift kitchen on wheels. An SDG food truck always feels like a real kitchen that just so happens to be mobile. There is a huge difference and we know you’ll feel it the second you step into your new trailer.

We Stand Behind Everything We Build

As a well-established company and a member of the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers, we will only ever offer you the best available options. We start with strong materials, we assemble them by hand in the USA, and we take pride in delivering a mobile BBQ stand that will last you for years and years, no matter how much you use it. We are as dedicated to helping your business as you are dedicated to creating and cooking the best BBQ in town.

Are you ready to make your dream of a BBQ stand a reality? Check out our online store now or contact us if you had something completely custom in mind. Our team is ready to build you a mobile food trailer that meets your exact specifications so that when you cook, you always deliver the best possible food.