Preparing Your Food Truck Business for Fall

Cooler temperatures and shorter days can only mean one thing — fall is on its way. The spring and summer months can be very busy times in the food truck industry, causing many food truck owners to be caught off guard by the upcoming seasonal shift. Are you ready for the slower months ahead? At Southern Dimensions Group, we sell new concession trailers and we would love to help you get ready for fall. It’s never too early to plan ahead, and in today’s post, we’ll review a few ways you can prepare your business and your rig for fall. Check them out below!

Fall Tasks for Food Truck Owners

Introduce Seasonal Treats

You may find that your sales start to dwindle as summer eases into fall, depending on the weather patterns in your area. This is especially true if you serve smoothies, ice cream, and other cold treats out of your food truck. To keep sales up and attract customers for as long as you can, it can help to introduce new seasonal treats to your traditional menu. Some courageous food truck owners even introduce completely new menus this time of year that are more appropriate for the season. No matter how small or big, changing up your menu can help you stay profitable as business starts to die down.

Perform Needed Repairs and Maintenance

In a previous post, we provided you with an essential food truck cleaning checklist that outlines important cleaning tasks for your food truck. Just as there are certain cleaning jobs that should be done monthly, weekly, or even daily, there are certain maintenance tasks that should be done routinely to ensure your food truck continues to operate efficiently. If you store your concession trailer during the winter, now is the time to give it a good wash and wax, check the battery, and inspect the roof, awning, and windows. Take care of any items that need attention now so that you are ready to hit the road running in the spring.

Examine Your Menu

In addition to introducing new, season-appropriate treats, fall is the perfect time to review your menu for any areas of possible tweaks that might be needed. Take a look back at your sales records to determine which dishes were your most popular, which were duds, and which provided the best return on investment. Are there dishes that require expensive ingredients and don’t sell well? Are your bestsellers cost-effective to prepare? Since business will probably be slower during the fall and winter months, there is no better time to fine-tune your menu, revamping it if need be, so that it caters to your patrons’ demands and works for your budget.

Prepare For the Slow Season

Although you may not be as busy in the fall as you are in the spring or summer, don’t consider that a reason to take a hiatus from your business. There are still plenty of work-related things you can do that can make it easier to weather the slower months. Take the extra time you have to secure catering opportunities between now and spring. This can be an effective way to make up for decreased profits that many food truck owners experience during the fall and winter. You can also develop a newsletter or review your existing one for any needed changes, and you can increase your social media presence to increase brand recognition before spring arrives.

Consider an Upgrade

Finally, take a long hard look at your current trailer. If there are certain components that just aren’t working for you anymore, or if it is in desperate need of repair, then it may make more sense to start checking out new concession trailers online. While many food truck owners think they cannot afford to buy a new food truck, the reality is that many can actually increase their profits by running a concession trailer that is more efficient and more suitable for their needs. Rather than dropping thousands of dollars on repairs or new equipment, it may make more sense to buy a new concession trailer.

Shop New Concession Trailers Online!

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