Menu Ideas For The New Food Truck Owner

If you’re brand new to the food truck industry, congratulations! You are about to embark on a fun and exciting journey into to the world of concession trailers where you can serve your favorite foods to people all over the nation. One of the first things to think about before you open up your food truck is the type of cuisine you’d like to serve to your guests. In this blog, we’ll look at some popular menu ideas for the food truck owner so you can get your business started off on the right foot.

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Food Truck Menu Idea #1: Incorporate A Popular Meal Into Your Menu

Whether you’re serving the best Chinese food in Texas or the hottest hot wings in Alabama, it’s important to create your food truck menu from the perspective of a customer. When you incorporate a popular meal or two into your menu, you can rest assured you have a go-to item for those new and hesitant customers. Your popular meal could be something simple like a burger and fries or a grilled cheese sandwich. Since you never know who is going to come to your food truck, it doesn’t hurt to put a dish on there that everyone will recognize!

Food Truck Menu Idea #2: Take Risks Outside Of Your Concept

If your food truck primarily services Mexican or Greek food, don’t be afraid to go outside of your concept for more creative menu ideas. Street tacos have become a huge hit in the food truck industry, but if you’re too afraid to add them to your menu because they don’t “mesh” well with other items, you could be missing out on boatloads of money! Since your food truck is your kitchen, you have the power to decide what you serve and when you serve it. Serving foods outside of your concept can also be beneficial when the holidays roll around. This will allow you to serve seasonal items like pumpkin spice lattes in the fall, even if you don’t normally serve this flavor of coffee.

Food Truck Menu Idea #3: Always Add A Unique Twist

If you truly want your food truck to stand out, you should consider adding your own unique twist to the meals you serve. Let’s say your food truck solely serves Mexican food, but you’d like to add a burger to your menu as well. While you may initially feel like adding a burger to your menu will confuse your customers (since you primarily serve Mexican food), you can always find a way to add your own unique twist to it. Why not throw some green chilli peppers on your burger and call it a “Fire Burger?” There are an endless number of ways to add flare and character to your meals, and creating your own unique twist will only entice people to try your food.

We hope that these food truck menu ideas prove to be helpful as you set off on your new adventure as a food truck owner. If you’re shopping for a new concession trailer online, be sure to check out Southern Dimensions Group’s large selection of food trucks today!