Your Essential Food Truck Cleaning Checklist

When you spend your hard-earned money on a concession trailer, you want to know that its components and features are going to stand the test of time. After all, how frustrating would it be to have issues with your fryer, oven, or cooktop within a couple months of buying your food truck?

Buying your trailer from a reputable manufacturer, like Southern Dimensions Group, is the best way to ensure that your trailer is outfitted with high-quality components. As your go-to source for food trucks and trailers, we also understand the importance of having a regular cleaning schedule to maintain key features and components that will keep your concession trailer looking like new for many years to come. Check out the cleaning tips below, then browse our online gallery and contact us to learn more about our concession trailers!

Tasks to Keep Your Food Truck Clean

Throughout the Day

Cleaning as you go is the best way to keep your food truck clean during the course of the day, and this can also help you avoid catastrophes like cross-contamination. Wash dishes and utensils right away instead of letting them pile up in the sink, and be sure to keep countertops and food prep areas clean and sanitary. Likewise, if the trash is full, take it out right away. This will ensure that trash doesn’t overflow onto the floor, and it will keep your food truck free of offensive odors.

At the End of the Day

Although it is tempting to skip your cleaning procedures at the end of a long day, it is not wise to do so. Once you have shut down for the evening, there are many tasks you should complete that will make sure your food truck is ready for the next business day. Give all of your appliances, cooking surfaces, and tools a good final washing and sanitizing. Clean your condiment containers and top them off so they are full again. Finally, don’t forget to sweep and mop your floor, and be sure to clean up your floor mats, as well.

At the End of the Week

There are some cleaning tasks that can be performed on a weekly basis instead of on a daily basis. A detailed cleaning of your major appliances on a weekly basis will prevent troublesome buildup from occurring, and it can help you spot any potential operability concerns before they become major hazards. Ice machines, freezers, refrigerators, and ovens can get dirty over the course of a few days with heavy use, and a good weekly cleaning will keep them free from buildup that can hinder their functionality and efficiency.

At the End of the Month

Some components of food truck trailers only need to be cleaned on a monthly basis. For example, the walls, ceiling, and light fixtures in your trailer probably don’t need to be cleaned on a daily or weekly basis, but by the end of the month, they may have accumulated dust and grease. Likewise, your exhaust hood should be cleaned at least once a month to remove dust and built up grease, which can be a fire hazard. These essential monthly tasks don’t take long to complete, and they will ensure that you and your staff have a clean, safe working environment.

Your Go-To Source for Food Trucks and More!

Keeping your concession trailer clean and orderly is essential to keeping your food truck running smoothly and efficiently, no matter what kind of tasty dishes you whip up each day. All of the food trucks and trailers sold by Southern Dimensions Group feature state-of-the-art components with easy-to-clean surfaces that make keeping your rig clean and sanitary easier than you thought possible. Shop our entire selection of food trucks and trailers online now to find the right trailer for your needs, and don’t forget to check out our competitive financing!