Bring Your Mobile Food Trailer to Oktoberfest!

While Germany’s largest folk festival may be thousands of miles away from your city, that doesn’t mean you can’t get in on the fun with your mobile food trailer or concession stand! If your city is planning an Oktoberfest celebration, there are tons of ways that your mobile restaurant can fit in to the party. In this blog post, we discuss a few ways to make your BBQ stand or other kind of food truck the talk of the event by providing you with some beer pairing ideas and some seasonal treats!

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Everything Goes Well With Beer

One of the best parts of Oktoberfest is the beer. Whether your truck serves beer or not, everything tastes better with beer, which means that all of your foods will instantly stand out in the minds (and on the tastebuds) of everyone who orders something from your stand. As America is home to the craft beer revolution, you might not find as many traditional lagers as you would in Germany, but that’s okay — it opens up new pallette possibilities! Most American Oktoberfest beers are Märzens, a heavier, more full-bodied beer compared to lighter German lagers, which could have an impact on your menu.

We recommend checking out the breweries who have signed up for the event in order to plan a pairing menu. If none of the attending breweries are doing anything that sounds exciting, teaming up with a local brewery to pair your menu with their Oktoberfest brew can be great exposure for both businesses, and a great way to make people smile!

Special Oktoberfest Menu Items

Pairing food with beer can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are a few tips for special menu items that will be a surefire hit at Oktoberfest!

Sausage Dishes

The quintessential German food, sausages are found in many different varieties at Oktoberfest and for good reason. Sausages can be ground and combined with many kinds of seasonings and ingredients, so there is no need to stick with traditional wursts when you could make apple sausages, or add a small hint of pumpkin or squash to your links. Sausage is an excellent addition to nearly any dish, so if you don’t feel like adding sausage to your menu as a standalone choice, mix it in to the foods you already make!


You can’t go wrong with pretzels. Whether you’re serving them on their own, dipping them into a sweet or savory sauce, or wrapping them around a sausage or some other mouth-watering creation from your mobile concession stand, you’ll have people lined up all day! Be prepared for a lot of people looking for pretzels — come prepared or be ready to bake more during the day!

Oktoberfest in America is an incredible experience because of the wide range of traditional and completely new dishes and beers. No matter what you serve, there will be people lined up to try your, so make sure to get in on the official festivities as soon as possible. If your town or city isn’t hosting an event, take it upon yourself to create one!

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