The Best Foods Need the Best Mobile Food Trailers


We know what it’s like to stand in the kitchen day in and day out, making the most miniscule changes to a recipe until it is just right. We know the feeling of apprehension as you check your watch every ten seconds in order to pull your barbeque pork out of the smoker at the perfect time. We know about all of the thankless work that goes into creating the best foods. We also understand how much pressure it is to make the choice to start you own food truck or open a concession stand at a local event.

Deciding to open your own food truck or BBQ stand is not a choice you made overnight, so why settle for a mobile food trailer that is anything less than perfect? At Southern Dimensions Group, our goal is to provide the best possible spaces for the best cooks and pitmasters. When you choose a trailer from SDG, you’re not going to get a retrofitted trailer that has an oven and a counter jammed into it. Instead, you will receive a mobile food trailer that has been built for cooking.

Check out our website now to find all of the trailers we have ready to go. If you need something special, something fully customized to meet your needs, get in touch. We can build a mobile food trailer to your exact specifications. Read on to learn about just a few of the ways that our trailers are the best for all of your needs.

Intuitive, Easy to Use Workspace

As we mentioned above, we don’t find trailers and stuff them full of appliances. We start from the bottom and work our way up. By building each trailer ourselves, we can give you the room necessary for great cooking. We make such good use of the space, that many people who have bought mobile food trailers from us say that they forget that they aren’t in a regular indoor kitchen.

If you really want to maximize your efficiency and flow, contact us about a custom food truck. We can build it to your specifications, with your preferred appliances and layout. When you work with us, nothing is good enough until it is perfect.

Hauling is Fast and Easy

One of the main benefits of choosing a mobile food trailer from Southern Dimensions Group is how easy it is to haul your new trailer. All of our trailers meet any legal requirements, and they are built so well that you don’t have to worry about anything breaking down.

SDG Mobile Food Trailers Look Great

As mobile food trailers become more and more popular, the days of being able to serve food out of a junky old ice cream truck are long over. You’re competing for people’s eyes as much as you’re competing for their taste buds. All SDG trailers look spectacular even before you add your name, menu, and branding to them. You could set up a plain one nearly anywhere and people will flock to it. If you have a color scheme or design in mind, contact us. We would love to build a trailer or concession stand that looks the way you always imagined your mobile restaurant to look.

As you can see, we love building the highest-quality mobile food trailers. By starting with the chef in mind and building from there, you will always get an incredibly usable and comfortable mobile food trailer when you order from SDG. Check out our online store today to see what is ready to go right now, or give us a call to talk to one of our team members about a custom food trailer.