Planning a Holiday Menu For Your Mobile Food Trailer

While some people might be getting ready to shut their food trucks down for the season, those of you with vision and a dedication to serving the best food from your food trucks know that there are tons of ways to make money and have a lot of fun with a holiday menu. In this blog, we will discuss a few ways to approach a special holiday menu that will have diners lining up.

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Put a Twist On Your Normal Menu

Unless you’re already a turkey, ham, and mashed potatoes-themed food truck, it may not be a great idea to generate a completely new menu during the holiday season. Instead of risking the alienation of your die-hard fans, think instead about adapting some of your menu items to be more holiday themed. Instead of a mango chutney, try cranberries. Or add a special stuffing, turkey, or ham dish that fits with your truck’s style.

Team Up For A Special Event

While this might require a little extra planning than pulling together a few new menu items, it can pay off huge. Try talking to the businesses where you normally park your truck and see if they are going to be doing anything special for the season. If they are, see if you can join in the festivities by offering new menu items during this time. The holiday season is a time where people are out doing a lot of shopping and during that time they tend to get hungry.

If you travel a circuit with your food truck, the holidays might be a great time to team up with other truck owners and throw a special themed event where a group of trucks gets together to cook a bunch of foods that bring to mind the big meals of the season. There are many ways to get the word out for an event like this, including social media and other forms of promotion. If it is successful, you could make it a yearly tradition or try to make it work for other holidays throughout the year.

No matter what you are planning on doing for this time of year, make sure that your food truck or concession stand is built to last. For the best refrigerated food trucks on the market, always choose Southern Dimensions Group. While some companies might be happy to take your money and deliver a subpar mobile food trailer, we never will. Check out our site now or place your order today and find the perfect options for your new venture!