How to Attract Customers to Your Food Truck: Part One

Running a food truck is different than running almost any other kind of business. While your mobility and flexibility is one of the greatest advantages of having a mobile food trailer, those characteristics can cause problems when you are trying to earn and maintain a loyal following. In today’s blog entry, we will talk about a few of the ways that you can use your mobility to your advantage in order to keep customers lined up wherever you go.

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Think Bigger

When you are just starting out, or during lean months when you are trying to keep your operating costs down, it might be tempting to try to find smaller gatherings to work. We submit that thinking bigger can be a much more advantageous choice. Try to go after an area that you haven’t been able to break into yet because it is packed with well-known trucks. Contact local sports teams to see if you can set up outside before, during, and after their next game. There are some risks that can pay off huge; all you have to do is try!

Think Smaller

If you are already running a much loved and sought out food truck, try working some smaller events. They can give you the opportunity to provide people who wouldn’t normally be able to try your food an experience that they’ll be raving about for a long time. Smaller events also allow you to network, which could open up new chances that could become reliable revenue streams!

Check back soon to read part two in this blog series. If you are already an established BBQ trailer or concession stand who needs a new trailer, check out our online store today. We can build a trailer that matches your exact specs. When you are just getting started, no one offers you better options at a better price than we do, so browse our selection of stands now!